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Ambient Guitar Music Producer, Guitar Player

Tony Sieber is a Swiss music producer, composer, guitar player, studio musician, sound and mixing engineer. He spent many years as a rock guitarist. His love for spherical music gave birth to his new style of guitar sounds and synthetic elements. He released a total of twelve albums and collaborated with numerous well-known national and international musicians for his own projects, as a studio musician, sound engineer or producer. His compositions have been used in films, television programs and live road shows in Switzerland and abroad. With a personal reorientation, a longer creative break of seven years followed. A new phase of life reawakened the irrepressible joy and love for music and challenged the unconventional composer anew. He masterfully combines his guitar with synthetic elements to create atmospheric and transporting pieces.

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06.10.2023 I'm excited that my new album "ambient guitar tales" is now released on all download and streaming platforms. Here is also a link to bandcamp where you can grab the digital download version.

I appreciate all the messages and emails about. Thanks a lot for listening!

28.09.2023 Single "only you" New Age Music Charts #7

Thank you so much for 40`000 streams  for the single "as simple as that" and only you" only on Spotify! 

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" as simple as that"

official video clip "as simple as that", album tony sieber - "ambient guitar tales". music and video art by tony sieber.

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"a perfect circle"

The song "a perfect circle" is from the album Tony Sieber - Visions". This album was composed as a soundtrack to the roadshow "magic west" and a tour that extended over 2 years. The pictures of this show are from the famous swiss photographer Stefan Pfander.

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Tony Sieber producing

Tony has released a total of twelve albums and has worked on his own projects, as a studio musician, sound mixer or producer with numerous well-known national and international musicians. He achieved greater fame through the release of the albums "Trouble Maker" and "Russian Roulette" with the rock band "Big Red One", over 200 extended club tours and festival appearances (Gurtenfestival, OpenAir Gampel, Festhalle Bern etc.) and several live recordings by "DRS3 uf dr Gass".

At the age of 16 Sieber became increasingly interested in playing the guitar. After four years of guitar lessons and a lot of self-taught learning, he joined the metal band "Cry Out" at the age of 20. Numerous concerts throughout Switzerland followed. Four years later he began his training as a professional musician with Pete Gosling in Bern (Elton John, Chris de Burgh). He successfully completed his studies at the renowned Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood, Los Angeles in 1994.

Between 1999 and 2006 Sieber released nine solo albums. Five albums were composed as soundtracks to multimedia road shows. Each was followed by extensive tours at home and abroad. Phonag Records became aware of Sieber and signed him. Further partnerships with the major Swiss music distributors Media Markt and Ex Libris followed, as well as an international deal for three albums with Medial Music Publishing / Silenzio Germany.

In 2006, Sieber founded the production company H2U as a producer with Swiss musician and producer T.J. Gyger and Swedish composer Fredrik Stromberg, with recording studios in the Thun region and Gothenburg, Sweden. Hundreds of productions followed as musician, composer, producer and mixing engineer for national and international artists (excerpt):

DJ BoBo Aextra, Florian Ast, Bagatello, Bellamy Brothers, Roberto Brigante, Container 6, George, Grosi, Gölä, Stephan Imobersteg, Lucas, Kusi, Papagallo & Gollo, Piolam, Pleroma, Christian Tschanz, Slädu etc. or companies (excerpt):

Alpiq, BLS, Orange, Coca Cola, Swiss Re, Swiss Life, Swisscom, Swatch, EMI, Sony Music, GSP Sports Romania, Condor Films, Stephen Arnold Group, European Youth Parliament, Eterna, Geberit, South African Airways, Swiss Airline, Edelweiss Air, Neuroth, Green Ethiopia, Läderach Chocolatier, ZSC Lions, Huber Suhner, Art-on-Ice, Gstaad Mountain Rides, Riposa, Ringier, Publicitas/Cinecom, BFU, SpanSet, Ricola, etc.

H2U also produced several film soundtracks (excerpt):

Champions: Feature Film, 2010, Director: Riccardo Signorell, Main Actors: Marco Rima, Jörg Schneider, Max Rüdlinger // Eine bärenstarke Liebe: TV-Film, 2008, Director: Mike Eschmann, Main Actors: Muriel Baumeister, Pasquale Aleardi, Stefan Gubser // Halbschlaf: Short Film, 2011, Director: Johannes Hartmann, Main Actors: Nina Bühlmann, Beat Schlatter, Nils Althaus // Cargo: Feature Film, 2009, Directors: Ivan Engler, Ralph Etter, Main Actors: Laura Portmann, Martin Rapold, Pierre Semmler.

With Big Red One:
Big Red One - Trouble Maker / Big Red One - Russian Roulette.

Tony Sieber - Trance Dance / Trance Dance by Tony Sieber - Wonderland / Trance Dance by Tony Sieber - Meditation / Trance Dance by Tony Sieber - Visions / Tony Sieber - Faces of Nature / Tony Sieber - Sky Walk / Tony Sieber - Himalayan Atmospheres / Tony Sieber - Native Chill / Kelta - Kelta / Tony Sieber - Ambient Guitar Tales

Commissioned works (excerpt):
Stephan Imobersteg - Changing Lanes / DJ Bobo - Dancing Las Vegas / DJ Bobo - Vampires / H2U - The Great Escape / Schädelleuchten - Schädelleuchten I / Triple T - Bad Boy / Grosi - Therapie / Container 6 - Container 6 / Slädu - Slädu / Piolam - Lissabon / Kusi - Kusi / Chris Haltiner - Between / Schädelleuchten - Skull Lights II / Sarava - Sarava / Roberto Brigante - Va Bene / Roberto Brigante - Pronto / Roberto Brigante - Piccante / Roberto Brigante - Strada del Sole / Christian Tschanz - 1000 Reasons / Christian Tschanz - 1000 Raisons / Christian Tschanz - En Couleur / Christian Tschanz - Aventicum / Lucas - Lucas / Pleroma - Pleroma

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